Thursday, November 16, 2006

Marking Activity

This fella has marked my bed as his place. Every time I wash the blanket and comforter, he would come up and spray my bed. His name is Jasper and he thinks it's his bed...:P

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Missing Amber

Yesterday was the day when Amber moving in with new family (with her father, Majinbu) Although Ayu doesn't seems to bother much, it is me who will miss her. After all, she's the most 'manja' among the 3 ewoks.


But Ayu really thin now, I'm really worried. She doesn't eat much, tsk..

Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh Kelantanku!

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Went back to my hometown, Kota Bharu for the 'Eid holiday. It's been a while since I met my cousins, nephews, not to mention my beloved mother.

In the newspaper I read the other day, interestingly enough to say that about 500,000 cars going back to Kelantan during festive holiday. And that really contributes to the bottlenecks along the main road (including the one directly in front of my house, stretching to 3-4km of queues)

I think Kelantan really needs highway. If current state government doesn't want to build it, I'd say we go for Barisan for the next election. Once the highway is there, vote for PAS again :)

Enough with my stupid politic reasoning, move on to main topic..

Regular understanding (or misunderstanding) from my non-Kelantan friends is that Kelantanese are very close when we meet other Kelantanese, up until they even abandon their non-Kelantan friend. So, the non-Kelantan feel being left out because they cannot speak, let alone to understand this language..right??

I do have bitter experience with people of my own (Kelantanese that is), that appear more prominent during this time of year. Pardon me if I'm wrong, but these are from my observation.

1) The drivers and their cars
You know Kelantan drivers from the way we drive and on the looks of their car. Proton engineers spend years to design cars, yet we resolved to put on big-ass spoiler that meant to be for rocket on their cars, changed into 17" inch tires, installed a supermarket-grade sub woofer speaker inside, and fill up RM5 worth of petrol. Then we ask, "Why is my car eat so much petrol aa??"

Next time you're on road, watch out for Kelantan plate or any vehicles that have Kelantan logo on it. It's so common, and strangely enough, I rarely see other states' logo. We must be really proud of our state. And that is a good thing...I guess..

(I have a friend that bring Kelantan flag instead of Malaysia flag to the USA. When Mat Salleh asked where he is from, you can guess his answer)

When we're on road, we rarely give way. We even speed up when seeing cars on junction so other drivers never pass. We also like to 'mencarut'. Babi is the commonly used word, among others.

Nevertheless, some unique values are precious enough that warrants some respect, which all of us should appreciate.

1) No Chinese in other states would wear kain sarong, and speaks state dialect. It totally blows me away. Very cool

2) Kelantan ladies wear more gold than any other. And I'm talking about solid gold. I knew it because my mom have several, and God, it's so heavy!

Selamat Hari Raya

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Frozen in time

Frozen in time
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Looks cool eh? ehehe..I took this picture at one of shopping complex in Bangi. This poor boy was dragged around by his mother. Just look at his anxious face :D

What does it means? It means Raya is around the corner and people starts shopping already. Poor Ramadhan, it's just 14 days of fasting...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Canon 350D

Image Hosted by
My pocket burned deep yesterday. This is the problem when you have an expensive hobby (i.e: gadgetery) I got myself a spankin new Canon 350D, plus extra lens and some accessories. I think I got a good deal.

Now I hope my weekend will be more meaningful after this (not that I'm going to spend less time with YOU ;) but I can discover places near here, taking pictures and whatnot.

For YOU, thanks for the support u gave me. YOU can be my model for free..kih kih kih

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mind Our English!

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I bought a steering lock at Giant. Not only the key to the thing is fragile (one turn, and it's broken like a twig). What's really caught my attention was on the packing. I don't know whether to laugh my a** off or to cry...see it for yourself (I returned the steering lock by the not understanding the instruction)

1. To use it as diagram.
2. Input the key to turn the hook to the suitable place till tallying with the steering wheel, with the same time the iron plate pusing the air sal to the safe guarcting place.
3. Input the part of raised bald for the plastic handle of key into the hale where is marked red then you can vevolve it up and down easing.

My oh my.....

Sunday, September 03, 2006

UW - Madison : picture that lie

Free Image Hosting at

Didn't know my alma mater had such history (of racism?). Who is that black dude Shabazz anyway?

It reads:

"The University of Wisconsin wanted a picture that reflected diversity at the campus back in 2000, so they put a 1994 photo of a black student, Diallo Shabazz, into a 1993 shot from a football game.

Credit: Image Science Group, Dartmouth College"

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ayu : Getting slim again

for more pictures, visit my flickr here

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Flickr Photo Gallery

I've upload most my my pictures (and my cats pics as well) in flickr. My profile widget is on right sidebar below. Cya!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Five Days Later....

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ayu : and the Three Stooges

I have a hard time to identify them. All 3 look so much alike..By the way, I just got a news from nanayau that Majinbuu is an albino cat!

Do you have any suggestion for their name?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How to handle cat in labor

I must give this credit to ika britney, one of forum members of She is kind enough to give details on handling pregnant cat who is about to deliver the litter.
I freaked out when I saw Ayu breathing heavily and panting that early morning..Fuh!

Hello there.

1. 1st of all, you must feed your cat with lots of kitten food. This will help produce more milk.

2. If you know when the due date is, you better find a box and put some news paper and a towel in it and put it in a secluded area.

3. if your cat is not a flat faced cat, chances are, she will know what to do when the time comes. But in case she doesnt know, you will have to help her.

4. If it is time to deliver, you will see her breathing heavily and fast. She wont be able to stand properly, especially the hind legs.

5. Just watch and see if her water bag has broke, you will see clear/yellowish liquid all over the floor.

6. If she allows you to come close to her, talk to her in a soothing voice and stroke her head and her back. (prepare the following: boil some water, get a clean cloth, some threads -benang biasa untuk jahit also can and a pair or scissors)


Scenario 1

Baby is out half way for more than 5 mins, you can help to pull the baby slowly. the placenta will be out together with the baby so dont get a shock of your life. She will eat the placenta (good for producing more milk) When she does this, she will cut the umbilical cords (tali pusat). If she does eat or cut the cords in more that 15mins, you should tie the thread or string around the tali pusat and cut with the scissors. Make sure you sterilize the scissors in the water you boiled earlier.

Scenario 2

In the process that she eats the placenta, she will lick the layer of film that covers the kitten. If she doesnt do this, you need to tear it a bit, especially around the head. if the the kitten is not breathing, put it in the clean cloth or towel, hold it in your palm and swing the kitten from side to side until you see it open its mouth to breath.

After all the kittens are out they should start drinking milk from their mom about 2 hr after birth

There are usually 3 - 5 kittens. The interval between each kitten can take from 1/2 hour to 24 hours so good luck.

When is the mother due? What breed is your cat? If local or mixed, I m sure you wont have a problem. Good luck!


Monday, August 21, 2006

New Babies on the Block

Ayu has safely delivered 3 litter this morning at 1:25am and 2:15am. The time for final kitten couldn't be verified because I was too sleepy to wait! All 3 have long tail and grey in color.. Yeayy!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ayu : Thank YOU!

Mangsa keganasan rumahtangga

Terguris hidungku. Oh Ayu! Thanks to her, I got scratched on my nose last night...Big bully :P

Monday, August 14, 2006

Ayu : Controversy!

Free Image Hosting at

I saw this magazine on the internet. I wonder how Ayu would feel about this

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Monday, August 07, 2006

Battle of the Airlines

In reality, flying with Airasia is not called upgrade per se. Some people don't mind paying more for better service offered by MAS. If they don't need premium service, opt for Airasia. They choice is up to us (which is good).

I decided to come up with my own version of advertisement :) We consumers deserve to get true picture of service we about to get, alright?

5 reasons why you should flying Airasia
1. You don't mind going to terminal that looks more like a warehouse, with expensive foods
2. You don't mind waiting for delayed flights (this is almost certain)
3. You don't mind walking on the tarmac on the way to your plane (I feel like going to Mecca!) If it's raining, don't worry. They will lend you Airasia umbrella. Remember, it's not a souvenir. Please return it back
4. You don't mind lining up. If you want to get in faster, bring your kids and pregnant wife together.
5.If you're Manchester United fanatics

P/S: Not to worry, both Airasia and MAS have beautiful stewardess.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Toilet Analysis

In my opinion, there are two types of Malaysian, Malaysian toilet user that is.

Whenever we have a public toilet that is FREE, either one of these
behaviour will take place

1. A person who think that since they are using public amenities,
they have to take care of them. Because next person will need to use
it later. They aim properly,
2. Since this is public toilet, they can do whatever they like. Why? Because it's free! They
smoke, write graffiti, piss everywhere. Maybe their johns are too
short to take aim. Or their brain too small to think

Now then, when we have to PAY to use public toilet (range from 20
cents at Sungei Wang Plaza up to RM2.00 at KLCC)
1. They are paying for it, so they use it properly. Simple
2. They claim ownership of the toilet. They pay, they abuse. Why?
Because they pay maa

Looking back at it, the second species always have lose-lose
mentality. You can't win against them no matter what.

Which species are you? Think about it

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Let's Sing!

I kinda like this song. It sounds fresh, especially when I hear it early in the morning while taking bath :D

: No I don't work with Darlie

Riang pagi menyapa hari
Membangkitkan keyakinan
Cerianya di wajah
Cerianya di hati

Voiceover :Ubat gigi Darlie membuatkan ada segar setiap hari

Ang ang ang ang

Antara kau dan aku
Kesegaran yang menyatu
Yakinlah Darlie selalu

Voiceover: Segar dan yakin setiap hari ubat gigi Darlie

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Shabox UnrealMind 32330 Scam

Prologue: Remember about service that eats up your credit? We have another one...

Chapter 1:

This is happening to me personally. Take a look at the image above.It is my July bill This stinky piece of s*it, good for nothing company drained my pocket, not to mention boiling up my blood pressure for their so-called ringtones.

NO, I never send any request for ringtones and I definitely cannot recall when I requested for it. But somehow they managed to get my phone number. But from where?

I was charged for RM2.50 for every SMS I received (regardless whether I save or discard the ringtones). And I received this on regular interval, totalled up RM21.50 for nothing! And for June I was charged for RM29.50!

Don't bother sending STOP request to that number. It will tell you some error messages, and you will keep receiving these crap. I try to call their shitty customer service number and guess what, I was kept on the line forever!

This is what I did, and you should too!
1. Call 123 (toll free Maxis customer service)
2. Ask them to block external content provider

This is what you SHOULD NOT DO
1. Never give out your phone number when you sign up for fishy promotions. Why do you want to sign up for it anyway?

These are the information about this UnrealMind scammer:


Their address:

UnrealMind Interactive Bhd. (566649-K)
Unit 20-06,
20th Floor, Wisma MCA,
163 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: (+603) 2161 3730
Fax: (+603) 2161 3731

(fu*k! Imagine this. You go to Wisma MCA to file a public report about this scam, and yet this company is located in the same building!)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ayu : Kenangan Bersama Bubu

Thanks to Majinbu Mom for this memorable picture. Looks like they share common interest, these fat cats

They've been separated close to one month now, since 25 June. If it's true that Ayu is pregnant, then she would have her babies in late August (I understand pregnancy period for cats is around 60+ days)

The signs are there. Her 8 tits are getting pinkish (yes, I count each and everyone of them just to make sure) and she would refuse to let me rub his belly. And she eats more, sleeps more. Any of you know how to deal with this?

Eh, and that makes me a grandfather? Damn I'm old

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lagu Untuk Siti dan Datuk K

Aku sungguh keciwa, tidak Siti..tidakk!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Look! It's a bird! It's an airplane! It's my office!

There we go. Technology makes everything possible. Now it's possible for me to show you my office without me having to climb up the water tower.

Note: I imagined since the satellite pictures are available for anyone, is it considered as an invasion of privacy? Hmm..

Friday, July 07, 2006

New Look

So how do you like my new page? I think this one looks much cleaner, less clutter. Ayu's pictures on top banner is gone. I changed it with flickr banner on the right.

Plus, you seriously should try It absolutely delicious!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Crooked Bridge - The Other Side of A Coin

People say there is always the other side of a coin. Very interesting article indeed. But I guess we never know who is telling the truth...

They say in legal circles that a verbal agreement is not worth the paper it
is written on. Islam says, if a man breaks his word up to three times, then
do not take him as a friend or comrade. Islamic scholar or ulamak Abdullah
Ahmad Badawi, also currently Prime Minister of Malaysia, gave his word and
he broke it more than three times. Abdullah, therefore, cannot be taken as
a friend either in the western or Islamic perspective.

And who did Abdullah give his word to? He gave it to previous Prime
Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad -- and of course to all Malaysians in his
2004 Election Manifesto, which he has also broken. And what did he promise
Dr Mahathir? Many things, amongst which are that the Scenic or 'Crooked'
Bridge would not be abandoned, the double tracking railway line would be
pursued, and the national car, Proton, would be supported -- just to
mention but three.

After Dr Mahathir announced his resignation to a shocked Umno General
Assembly in mid-2002, Abdullah and Dr Mahathir spent 15 months in countless
conferences to discuss what the former should and would do when he finally
takes over as Prime Minister in November 2003. Dr Mahathir went into great
detail and explained at length why he did what he did in his 22 years as
Malaysia's Prime Minister. Dr Mahathir had a reason for his many perceived
lunatic moves. Even Abdullah, who was his deputy soon after Anwar Ibrahim's
exit in September 1998, could not understand everything that Dr Mahathir
did. Now he does.

Abdullah sat there taking pages after pages of notes as Dr Mahathir gave
him a 15-month crash course in Mahanomics (synonymous with Reaganomics). By
the end of the 15-month training and orientation programme, Abdullah
understood fully what was in the head of that strange animal called
Mahathir. More importantly, Abdullah now saw the logic in Dr Mahathir's
every move and agreed that, though sometimes somewhat devious, many of
these moves were actually quite necessary in the pursuit of the bigger

Many of Dr Mahathir's moves would certainly appear loony to the
uninitiated. They would appear even stranger when viewed in the backdrop of
what was perceived as a failed plan. Dr Mahathir was a blunderer and the
many disasters he left as a legacy to Abdullah in November 2003 laid
testimony to this. But Abdullah knew they were no disasters. He did not
know earlier of course. But 15 months of sitting in front of Dr Mahathir
and taking notes as the Prime Minister imparted his innermost thoughts left
Abdullah with no doubts that this old man knew what he was up to and these
moves could only be labelled as brilliant.

Take the Scenic or 'Crooked' Bridge as one example. No one would disagree
if we were to say that this is the most stupid idea yet to come out of Dr
Mahathir's mind. Why build half a bridge? Why build such a silly looking
bridge that would wind its way around because it had to join the Causeway
halfway across the Straits of Johor or Tebrau Straits?

If they built a full bridge, then the bridge could be built straight, lower
and shorter at maybe almost the same cost as half a bridge. But now they
are building half a bridge, so it has to be crooked and higher -- and the
cost for half a bridge is not half the cost of a full, straight bridge. But
they can't build a straight or full bridge because Singapore will not allow
their half of the Causeway to be demolished and they are not interested in
building the other half of the bridge on their side or within their
territorial waters.

Singapore could of course agree to join Malaysia in this bridge project and
agree to the Causeway being demolished and a full, straight bridge be built
to replace the Causeway. But Singapore wanted the bridge to be packaged
with a lot of other goodies, all in Singapore's favour. These goodies would
be like throwing in the supply of sand, allowing Singapore Air Force planes
more flights over Malaysian air space, plus a re-look at the water

Dr Mahathir did not agree to this. He would not package the bridge with all
these other issues and he wanted each issue to be an issue by itself and to
be negotiated separately and on its own merits. Dr Mahathir was no fool. He
knew if he rejected Singapore's demand for a packaged deal, then Singapore
would not agree to the bridge. Malaysia could go on with the bridge if it
wanted, but it can only build a bridge on Malaysia's side, not on
Singapore's side. Therefore it would have to be a silly-looking half-bridge
that would need to be highly elevated and winding.

That was exactly what Dr Mahathir wanted. He wanted Singapore to reject the
full, straight bridge idea and stipulate that Malaysia can only build half
a bridge if it still insisted on proceeding with the plan. Dr Mahathir did
not want a full bridge. He wanted a half-bridge. A full bridge would mean
it would have to be straight and therefore low. A half-bridge would force
the bridge to curve and therefore it would have to be built highly

What Dr Mahathir really wanted is the space beneath the bridge which a full
bridge would not offer while a half-bridge would. And why did he want this
space? He wanted it because he wanted large container ships and oil tankers
to be able to sail under the bridge.

The Straits of Melaka is one of the busiest sea lanes in the world. But
ships plying the Straits cannot reach Johor Port unless they sail around
Singapore. So they would rather stop at the Port of Singapore instead of
coming to Johor. Even ships carrying goods bound for Malaysia would rather
stop at Singapore for transhipment to Malaysia rather than sail to
Malaysia. Once there is a highly elevated bridge, then the ships can bypass
Singapore and come straight to Malaysia.

In short, a highly elevated 'crooked' bridge would boost the viability of
Johor Port and pose a serious threat to the Port of Singapore. To be more
dramatic, the bridge could actually kill the Port of Singapore and make
Johor Port the new centre for imports to and exports from Malaysia -- plus
for those Indonesian importers and exporters as well who currently would
rather use Singapore than sail the extra distance around Singapore to come
to Johor.

That was what Dr Mahathir really wanted. He was not actually interested in
the bridge. He was more interested in Malaysia overtaking Singapore in the
port business. And the crooked, high, half-bridge would be able to achieve
this. A straight, low, full bridge would not. Dr Mahathir very cleverly
manoeuvred so that Singapore would disagree with the full bridge and would
instead ask Malaysia to proceed with half a bridge. Once they said that, Dr
Mahathir got them exactly where he wanted them. The half-bridge is
Singapore's idea, not Dr Mahathir's, so Singapore cannot now turn around
and say that they had been tricked and the bridge was merely a Red Herring
and that the real motive was to outdo the Port of Singapore.

Somehow, along the way, Malaysia's Foreign Minister packaged the supply of
sand and more SAF flights over Malaysian air space in the bridge deal. Dr
Mahathir never agreed to this. But Abdullah did for reasons known only to
himself and his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin. The sand would of course
come from Johor and those individuals who will be awarded the contract to
supply sand to Singapore are family members of those involved in the
decision-making process at the very top echelons of power -- those walking
in the corridors of power. The supply of sand is not a government effort
but a private arrangement. What is even more perturbing to Dr Mahathir is
that Singapore did not demand that the supply of sand be included in the
deal. This idea came from Malaysia. It was Malaysia that proposed it, not
Singapore that demanded it.

When the Johor Menteri Besar found out about the supply of sand arrangement
he was outraged. Dr Mahathir had banned the export of sand back in 1997 and
Johor was quite happy with this as the sand was coming from Johor and it is
the politicians and their cronies who are making hundreds of millions out
of it. For the first time in his life this very polished man who always has
a sweet smile for anyone he encounters lost his cool. He never raises his
voice, especially to the Prime Minister. But that day he did and he told
the Prime Minister that Umno Johor will strongly oppose any Johor sand
being sold to Singapore. Even the palace got into the act and there was a
danger of another Constitutional Crisis erupting.

In short, there was a mutiny and Johor was in revolt. A crisis never before
seen in Malaysian history was about to explode. This was a state-federal
conflict in the making. Abdullah had blundered big time. He had agreed that
the bridge would include the supply of sand to Singapore. Now Johor, the
source of the sand, put its foot down and threatened to resist at whatever
cost, and Johor can be as independent as Kelantan if it so wishes. They
would also reveal the names of all those who stand to benefit from this
supply of sand; family members of those at the very top of the Abdullah
administration. If you think the Mahathir-Anwar crisis was exciting, the
supply of sand to Singapore would dwarf this by far.

Two days later, Abdullah announced that the bridge project would be
aborted, after starting work on it (and incurring a liability of RM100
million). Three weeks before that, Parliament had reiterated the bridge
project would go on and the Minister of Works himself assured Parliament
that this would be so. But now it was off. They would not be proceeding
with the bridge. They could not proceed with it. To proceed with it would
mean they have to supply sand to Singapore. And this would create a massive
crisis between the federal government and the Johor state government. The
only way out of the supply of sand commitment would be to abort the bridge
project. No bridge, no sand, and no federal government-Johor state
government crisis, plain and simple.

But it is out of the frying pan, into the fire. Without the bridge, there
would be no way ships could sail to Johor Port through the Straits and the
Port of Singapore would continue to dominate this region. Dr Mahathir's
plan to build up Johor Port and challenge Singapore's dominance was
thwarted. And it was thwarted by no other than his successor who had
promised him that the bridge would go on. And it was thwarted because some
greedy people in the decision-making team had tried to get rich quick
through selling sand to Singapore by packaging the sand supply deal in the
bridge proposal.

Dr Mahathir was hopping mad. Abdullah had made a big booboo, and to get out
of this booboo he cancelled the bridge project. Abdullah was trying to save
his arse. But in doing so he sacrificed Malaysia. Johor Port would now have
to remain as pathetic as it has always been. And the Port of Singapore
would remain the big wheel of this region. Flushed down the toilet is Dr
Mahathir's plan for overtaking Singapore. And, to make it worse, Abdullah
had promised Dr Mahathir the bridge would go on. And he understood fully
well why it must. And he realised that the bridge was for the good of
Malaysia's commerce. But saving his arse was his first priority. Saving
Johor Port has to come second.

That is the story of the 'Crooked' Bridge. There are many other stories
such as about the double tracking railway line, the national car, and more.
Suffice to say, the double tracking railway line had the same objective as
the 'Crooked' Bridge; in that Malaysia's commerce would improve and
Singapore's dominance in the region would be given a serious challenge. But
Abdullah aborted this as well.

The double tracking railway line was actually the first move. Once the
double tracking was done, then the high speed train was supposed to follow.
Imagine the day when one could live in a cheaper town like Ipoh where
property prices are half those in the big city, yet work in Kuala Lumpur --
and the time it takes to get to work from Ipoh would be faster than driving
from Subang Jaya to Kuala Lumpur today. The small towns would boom and
development would be spread out throughout the country instead of
concentrated in a few key areas like it is today. But that too now remains
just a dream.

The MV Agusta matter is another issue. Dr Mahathir was going to use MV
Agusta to develop a peoples' car (volks wagen) that could be marketed for
as low as RM10,000, or less. MV Agusta had the technology to do this and
the cost to buy MV Agusta, in spite of it debts, was still lower than
embarking on this project doing your own R&D from scratch. R&D costs
billions of Ringgit and to develop a car from scratch would not only cost
more but would be time consuming as well. Even if you are prepared to pay
the higher cost, the time would take too long. MV Agusta was a short cut
and at a cheaper price on top of that.

But MV Agusta was sold off for RM4 and Dr Mahathir's RM10,000 peoples' car
went down the toilet, just like all the others. In fact, the sale of MV
Agusta itself raises other questions. How did they decide who to sell it to
and do those in the decision-making process have an interest in the company
that bought MV Agusta? (Which raises the issue of conflict of interest.) Dr
Mahathir knows the real story, as he does about who those sand suppliers
are, but he is not revealing all, at least not just yet.

It is not that Abdullah is ignorant about all this. He knows the agenda
behind the 'Crooked' Bridge, double tracking railway line, MV Agusta, and
much more. He knows that all these are mere catalysts for bigger things.
And he agreed that these are necessary for the future of the country. Yet
he dismantled them one by one just to make it appear like Dr Mahathir is
stupid and that all his ideas are stupid. It is all about politics and of
trying to undermine Dr Mahathir. And what better way to do this than to
dismantle what Dr Mahathir started and give the impression that the
previous Prime Minister was a nut case. So the country suffers. So what?
That is the small picture. The big picture is: Dr Mahathir is embarrassed.

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is another thing that Dr Mahathir was and
still is against. All those years he was prime minister he resisted the
FTA. Then, late last year, Abdullah secretly signed the FTA with Japan
whereby Japanese automobiles would have free access to the Malaysian market
while Malaysian vegetables would have free access to the Japanese market.
Malaysian vegetables? What vegetables do we have that we can export to
Japan? We do not even grow enough for our own consumption and almost
everything we eat needs to be supplemented with imports. Anyway, do the
Japanese eat our vegetables? Abdullah might as well have signed an FTA with
Canada whereby we export ice cubes to the Eskimos.

The FTA Abdullah signed with Japan was so confidential that even the
Cabinet did not know about it until Abdullah informed its members later,
after it had been signed. The Cabinet members were shocked, but by then it
was too late to do anything about it. And how is Proton going to survive
once Japanese cars get free access to the Malaysian market when even Europe
and the United States can't compete with them?

Proton is a dead man walking. Its days are numbered and it will be just a
matter of time when the national car folds. As the Malays would say: siap
kain kapan (prepare the funeral shroud).

Now the United States also wants the FTA with Malaysia signed and the
US-Malaysia FTA would open all government contracts and procurement to US
companies. That is the end of the New Economic Policy. The days of the
Bumiputera businessmen are numbered. Malays will have to revert to becoming
clerks and drivers again.

Dr Mahathir is beginning to doubt whether Abdullah knows what he is doing.
As far as Dr Mahathir is concerned, whatever he did, he did with the
interest of the nation at heart. But Abdullah's moves, the way Dr Mahathir
sees it, are moves of a traitor who does not care about the country's
interest. Dr Mahathir is quite prepared to allow Abdullah to run this
country the way he, as Prime Minister, sees fit. But Dr Mahathir will not
remain silent and allow this state of affairs to continue if, as he put it,
Malaysia's sovereignty is jeopardised. Dr Mahathir would rather take on
Abdullah than allow the man to destroy this country. Not just Dr Mahathir,
but many Umno veterans as well believe that power in the hands of Abdullah
is like giving a flower to a monkey. Monkeys do not appreciate the beauty
of flowers.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Stop Calling it Soccer!

Now, this article I found on the net is quite interesting. I can't agree more on his view

by PeteMate

World cup 2006 is now well underway, and I must say that I’m surprised to see such a fine effort from the USA against Italy earlier today. In my humble opinion, the US deserved a win for the spirit they showed, but the heat and the pace all seemed to weigh down on them in the end, and they seemed content to defend and settle for a draw.

Now, the reason I am surprised is that football is a minority sport in the States. I frequently see comments such as ‘soccer is gay’ and so on from an ignorant section of our American friends. It seems that most sports fans in America prefer a game that evolved from the British - largely upper class - game of rugby… and they have decided to strap on loads of padding, change the name of our game and insist that our sport is for girls. This grates a little with those who follow the majority sport in the world, and is another sign that certain (unfortunately vocal) Americans are arrogant… and downright fucking rude.

Let’s not forget Baseball, another evolution from a British game called ‘Rounders’. Rounders is (and has been for a long time) largely a girl’s game in the UK… normally played only by children.

Now, I don’t want to piss all over your favourite pastimes… but enough is enough. Why do you have to be so ignorant of the rest of the world? Does it make you feel proud being so clueless and to act so superior all the time?

Harsh words against the rest of the world from these self-styled ‘patriots’ smack of nothing more than a severe inferiority complex… and extreme stupidity.

In a similarly inflammatory gesture back atchya, I suggest that you change the name of your ‘football’ back to rugby, grow some balls and take off the body armour. Seriously… it’s sooo gay.

The reason we’ve called it a football for the last half-millennia or so is that it’s a sphere that you kick (a foot-ball). Forgive my confusion, but how does Football relate to running around with an oval object under your arm and taking breaks every few minutes?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ayu : Love is in the Cage

I have to endure another week without my lovely Ayu the Cat. I sent her to the boyfriend, Majinbu the White Cat to do their stuff - and hopefully she will get pregnant. Now it seems that she doesn't want to return home.
I wonder what she's up to right now...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Final Score

Argentina 6-0 Serbia Montenegro.
A World Cup-worthy performance. What a game

My dream final is Argentina vs Spain

Half Time
Argentina 3-0 Serbia Montenegro

I'm writing this entry with a big smile on my face. The time is 9:53pm Malaysian time (GMT +8:00), taking my break during half-time of Argentina vs Serbia Montenegro game. Read my previous post, am I good or what? :) What more can I say. My two favorite teams are at their best!

First, Spain won big 4-0 against Ukraine. I have a good feeling that Argentina could score a couple more goals in the second half.

Argentina had only a few scoring chances, but they put it well, unlike England. Since when football revolves ONLY around Wayne Rooney?

I have no comment on England vs T&T last night. Tsk tsk tsk..I feel sorry for you England

Ooops, time is up! C yaa!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

World Cup Fever

World Cup is around the corner. Again, for you who rooting for England I wish you all the best (hoho), because you're going down suckerrrr! :D

Which side am I? I'd like to support Brazil, but I don't go with favorites anymore. They're bad luck (remember what happened to France in 2002?) Too bad Senegal did not qualify this time...

I think I'd stick with Spain...or Argentina..They have excellent youngsters in there.

Oh, by the way I found this cool link of World Cup schedule on Google Calendar. Check it out!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Move on to Lambir Formation

So, my quest for another rocks continue. This time, we spent a few days in Miri, looking for several formations (eg. Lambir Formation, Setap Shale Formation, blah blah).

If you happen to be in Miri, make sure to check out the outcrop along the Airport Road. This place is world class, and it's a well known place among geologists around the world. It's geological structures are 'text-book' examples. (The city council doesn't put flood-lights facing the rocks for nothing you know...)

For the rest of you, just enjoy the pictures :D

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Semantan Formation anyone?

24-26 April 2006. Day 1-3. Activities summary.

The trip is called Geological Transect Field Trip 2006 Karak-Kuantan. When you look at the pictures above, eventhough you didn't understand the geology of the area ( or if you don't know geology at all!), you could appreciate how beautiful the rocks look, right? (Righttttttttttt.....)

For you who interested in it's geology, continue reading.

The trip we went actually took place at the suture zone of the Peninsula Malaysia. Most of the formations we saw were Semantan Formation (marked by tuff and siltstone beds). For more info, I have to look at my field trip manual, thehehehe...

Friday, April 21, 2006

Weekend Futsal

Free Image Hosting at
(hana, nurul adni, adina, hasrul, wan, rashidi)
We had bunch of fun last weekend (Sunday the 16th April). Playing futsal while dressing up is definitely not my cup of tea, but I had cool friends who equally crazy.

The event was GSC Futsal Challenge. I won the GSC contest of She's The Man movie, so GSC invited me to the game. That explains the dress on the picture.

We arrived early at 8.30 at Sports Planet just to know two hours later that we went to a wrong venue! We missed one game already.

Two grueling games later, we were the group champion (who would've thought!)

Group J finished 4th place. Not bad eh.. (the last time I played futsal was in Winter 2003)

The result can be read here and here

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sepet makes me Gubra

It's very rare for me to buy an original VCD here in Malaysia. Can't remember when the last time I bought an ori one. Tsk...

"Sepet" is becoming one of my original VCD collection. When my fellow buds suggested me to watch Sepet in cinema, I was quite skeptical about it. After all, most Malay movies are the same. They are so predictable. Boring storyline. Why should I waste a good 10 ringgit for a slapstic movie?

So, when I came across an article about the coming movie "Gubra" that's well received by Singaporeans critics, it amuses me. Something interesting is going on with this movie.

I ended up buying "Sepet". It's an interesting movie indeed. The issues presented was very real, which not many filmmakers dare to bare. It's a love story, yes. But not a regular one. The dialogues are unique. I guess there were no 'dubbing' process involved also because some of the actors' voices are not that clear (the scene when Harith Iskandar told Orked that Jason is not suitable for her. In the car)

Some of the camera shots are familiar though. They look like Petronas tv ad. Oh, it's Yasmin Ahmad film. No wonder.

When la Prof Madya Abdul Razak Mohaideen wants to make this kind of film?

Can't wait to watch "Gubra"

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gallery: Majlis kawin Bard & Yus @ Perak


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Gallery: New Year 2006

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hilarious advertisement

One of the reason why I watched Superbowl is because the commercials are hilarious! I only leave the tv during the game. The ads are so good, no wonder the advertisers paying $2.5 million for 30-seconds spot. Crazy Americans...

Friday, March 03, 2006

Petronas & Petrol

It's ironic when I read archives from my blogger, some old news appeared fresh again. check it out!

Apabila harga minyak antara termurah di Asia

Seorang bekas pemimpin berceloteh mengenai kenaikan harga minyak yang dia anggap tersangatlah munasabah dan sungguh masuk akal. Antara lain, dia berhujah dengan hujah yang sudah lapuk lagi mual iaitu harga minyak di Malaysiamasih lagi terendah jika dibandingkan dengan negara-negara lain. Dia memberi contoh, di Britain harga minyak lebih kurang dalam RM7 seliter, jauh lebih tinggi, berlipat kali ganda daripada harga di Malaysia.

Dalam ilmu hisab, kita ada diajarkan dengan tajuk PERATUS. Naik sekolah menengah, ada tajuk advance sikit: NISBAH DAN KADARAN. Tajuk-tajuk ini adalah tajuk yang paling asas (basic) dalam ilmu hisab. Kalau tajuk-tajuk ini pun kita tak boleh paham, makna kata, memang kita buta ilmu hisab.

Bila kita kata harga minyak kita jauh lebih rendah dengan Britain, kita mesti tanya balik: Berapa NISBAH perbelanjaan minyak seliter orang Britain(British) BERBANDING dengan gaji sebulan mereka? Kemudian, kita kira pula nisbah perbelanjaan minyak seliter orang Malaysiapula (berbanding dengan gaji sebulan). Kemudian, baru kita boleh buat satu perbandingan yang adil dan tidak berat sebelah (fair comparison).

Ambil contoh kelas menengah di Britaindan di Malaysia. Gaji eksekutif muda di Britainlebih kurang dalam £2,000 sebulan. Gaji eksekutif muda di Malaysiapun lebih kurang dalam RM2,000 sebulan. Eksekutif di Britain hanya membayar sebanyak 81 pence (£0.81) seliter. Eksekutif di Malaysia pula kena bayar RM1.48 seliter. Sekarang, tolong kira berapa NISBAH harga minyak seliter dengan gaji sebulan bagi kedua-dua negara? Siapa yang lebih rendah dan siapa pulak yang lebih tinggi?

Itu baru cerita pasal minyak. Belum cerita pasal harga barang makanan lagi.Eksekutif di Britainboleh beli barang-barang dapur dengan harga yang amat murah. Barang-barang makan seperti bijirin sarapan pagi masih boleh dibeli pada harga di bawah £1. Coklat Snickers boleh dibeli pada harga 30 pence satu. Bak kata orang, kalau bawa £50 pergi membeli-belah, jawabnya 2-3 troli kena pakai bawa barang keluar. Banding pula dengan eksekutif di Malaysia. Boleh beli barang makan di bawah harga RM1? Boleh jumpa Snickers pada harga 30 sen? Berapa banyak barang boleh dapat kalau bawa M50??? Dengar cerita, sardin cap ayam pun dah dekat RM5 setin, mampus tak makanlah kalau orang takde duit! Memang tak hairan kalau eksekutif muda Britainboleh pakai BMW second-hand, boleh beli tunai (cash) lepas kerja 6 bulan.Eksekutif di Malaysia?? Kancil cabuk pun kena berhutang sampai 7 tahun. Nak beli BMW second-hand?? Kirim salam…….

Jadi, bila campur-campur semua ni, kita boleh dapat NISBAH besar PERBELANJAAN BERBANDING dengan PENDAPATAN. Perbandingan nisbah adalah perbandingan yang lebih munasabah, adil dan masuk akal. Kalau membanding dengan kos yang ditukarkan ke mata wang Malaysia, memang jelas dan terang seolah-olah harga di Malaysiaadalah yang terendah dalam dunia, tapi jangan kita lupa pula gaji bulanan kita pun terendah juga! Jangan ambil sekerat-sekerat, jangan highlight satu aspek sahaja, tapi aspek lain cubadisorok-sorokkan.

Kadang-kadang, bila jabatan-jabatan kerajaan dan media-media keluarkan statistik, nampak macam tak pernah pergi sekolah punya orang. Nak kata tak pergi sekolah, tapi di belakangnya bergulung-gulung ijazah dan PhD sanasini, kononnya akulah yang terhebat dalam dunia. Tapi, apa yang diwar-warkan lebih rendah dari taraf hampas kelapa sebab hampas kelapa masih lagi boleh diberi makan kepada ayam.

dari kawan aku, kepada mung…

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fear Factor Malaysia

It came to my attention recently that crossing roads in Malaysia is a matter of life or death. While most citizens already realized this, my own experience just supports this survival skill test, well… it is part of bread and butter of Malaysia

When you used to live in a place where 99% of the people abide by the traffic rules, it makes you weaker when you face the transition to a harsher situation.
There is no significance of the presence of zebra crossing here. Heck, Stop signs and speed limit signs merely become roadside decorations!

There was one event that chuckles me. There was one female tourist (I guess she’s from Europe) who stood by the roadside for 10 minutes just to cross a road in Sungai Wang area. At the same time, our brave citizens stopped coming cars to cross the same road and strolled like nobody business.

This lady was stunned to see what happened. Then came one KL guy who about to do the same thing. This poor lady then decided to hide behind this guy and followed him. One car came on, and the lady already ran for her life while our guy handsomely held up his hand to stop the car and leisurely walked on. You can’t get cooler than that!
If you happened to experience a near death situation like this, let’s share!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me Again...Happy Birthday To Meee