Wednesday, December 08, 2004


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Two more weeks, final exams coming up, and GRADUATION! 4 years seems so short. I just felt like it was yesterday I arrived in Madison. 4 years plus one semester later, I'm done studying. 6 yrs + 5 yrs + 4.5 yrs = at least 16 years of education. Wow..

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Selamat Hari Raya

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Untuk kengkawan semua, sesiapa sahaja yang mengenali diri ini. Mintak ampun dari hujung rambut (bagi yang ada rambut) ke hujung kaki...

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Back to Business

Back to Business
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It's been couple months since I updated my journal. Lots of things happened. Moving in, moving out every year since my freshman years. It's almost like a way of life for overseas student. You just gotta do it whether you like it or not.

Now, this is going to be my last semester and I'm going to miss Madison so much. Four and a half years living here as a student, I realized that there are so much things to do, so much opportunity to grab, so much life to experience. No worries about snatch crimes, good drivers (believe it or not, they even stop for you when you crossed the road although there is no STOP sign). It makes almost a perfect place to life, maybe to raise your family

Lets talk about class. I'm having so much fun this final semester. Volleyball, tennis and bowling class are particularly excellent. You just go, having fun, play and you'll get an A most of the time unless you skipped bunch of classes! History of the Islamic and Middle East is amazing so far, the professor is cool and the TA is wonderful. The TA himself is a brother from Islamic Center and a regular on Friday's sermon.

I'll explain everything later on. Oh by the way, Tux is dead. Maybe due to food poisoning. Although I never meet him, I'm going to miss him. Huwaaa!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

High Life

Roger who?
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Got myself a new sport. Tennis. I just watched the games, Wimbledon and whatnot; suddenly I said to myself, "Should try this when you have the chance."

No one will laugh at you if you're a beginner. It's completely the opposite story when you're in Malaysia. Not to discriminate my fellow Malaysians, but hey, it's the truth. I will think it that way until someone proved me otherise. Again, it's a blank statement.

I tried, and I sucked. So I join my buddies who play tennis long enough. Weeks went by, my confidence soars. All I need is more practice.

So, never say never.

I gotta go play tennis

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Maxwell Day

Maxwell Day
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It supposed to be a great day, although it looks like not many people come to State Street this year. Everything was sunny and nice, strolled along downtown, looking for cheap stuff. Got myself 2 DVDs, The Italian Job and The Last Samurai for 20 bucks.

When Gavin and I crossed the street on Fontana Sports, people start looking up the sky as if something big was going to happen. Indeed... Store owners were panicked, people were running away. It was like one of the scene from 'The Day After Tomorrow'

The black clouds coming from the East, and we were trapped right in the middle of State Street. We turned back to Library Mall and the roadwalk sale was almost over. The threat was imminent.

10 minutes after that, the downpour. Took a bus and walked home. Stranded Americans were staring at us walking in the rain. Who's being weird now?

Boy, that was awesome!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Petua Kecantikan

Category : Stupid Stuff

Cepat DiPinang - Banyakkan Meminum Air Pinang

Memutihkan Gigi - Letak Liquid Paper

Menegangkan Kulit Muka - Stepler Tempat Yang Kendur Tu

Menghilangkan Bau Badan - Berendam Dalam Minyak Wangi

Melembutkan Rambut - Rendam Kepala Dalam Air Menggelegak

Melebatkan Rambut - Cari Baja Rambut

Mengurangkan Dengkur - Kurangkan Tidur

Mengempiskan Perut - Jangan Makan & Jangan Minum

Mengekalkan Kecantikan - Kekalkan Mekap, Jangan Basuh

Menyegarkan Mata - Tuang Eye Mo

Mengelak Rambut Gugur - Lumur Dengan Gam Gajah

Menghilangkan Kelemumur - Gunakan Syampu Rejoice

Menurunkan Berat Badan - Turun Ikut Lif

Mengatasi Tumit Pecah - Jalan Berjengket-Jengket

Menghaluskan Kulit Muka - Gosok Dengan Kertas Pasir

Menaikkan Seri Muka - Makan Kuih Seri Muka Sambil Naik Tangga

Menghilangkan Bau Mulut - Minum Minyak Wangi

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

My Dream

Patrol Car
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I had a weird dream last night. Well, I have many weird dreams but this one is certainly worth writing.

I went to Chicago with my friends which I don't know them. 3 guys, 1 girl. We walked on the roadside there any one of us suggested that we could try something fun, something we never did before. So yeah, we listen to him. His idea was to take a police patrol car that was parked on the roadside. Most police cars here are left unattended unlocked. Some even had the engine turned on.

It was night. So we took the car and drove away, nowhere. I was the driver and 3 of us sitting on the front seat and 1 on the back. We could hear the other police sirens wailing from the distant chasing us. I pushed the gas pedal as hard as I could. I knew that this Ford Crown Victoria car was modified by the forces. But handling the fast and smooth car by myself was so cool.

Things get better after an hour or so. No police cars were seen in rear mirror anymore. But in front of us there was a roadblock! We just prayed and prayed not to get busted. Then there was a lady officer looking at us. She waved her hands and smiled on us! we past that roadblock safely.

After a while driving, I realized that we already arrived somewhere in Kedah. Padang Besar I think. How did it happened, I have no idea. So don't ask! But again, there was a traffic jam on the road. We could see there was a car accident or something. So our car moved slowly. Then someone walked past by us on the road. It was a police officer! S**t!!!!

He saw us said hello and everything. The usual stuff they said when you got arrested. But then he asked us for some money. $20 or so. I knew it wasn't a bribe because he was bleeding and all and he was so thirsty and needed some money for a drink. And he went away...

For the second time, we get past the police.

We continued our journey and on a turn, there was a blind spot I didn't see and I hit a cow or something. But it was a big animal for sure. Our car spun (spinned? heh) on the road. People came to rescue us and among them were our parents. Can you imagine how their face looked like? Something like this -> And this -> Our parents came picked us on our ears and put us away. The End

Imagine what dreams can do for you. It could bring us any place we never been before.

Cheers! It's a good day today

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Nuclear & Politics

Category : Politics

Yo Bush, do you know that Israel might have nuclear weapons. They have stockpiles of more than 100 bombs. Whatever happened to WMD policies you pressed on Iraq then? Holy s**t, why do you need 100 bombs in such a small country that not even yours?

It's a paradox when Blair said that WMD may NEVER be found in Iraq. But he insisted that Hussein still posed a threat to the wider world. Very funny, last time I checked Hussein was in an armored bus with several dozens of guards around him heading to court. Yes, Hussein is a cruel guy. But who are you (whoever you are) to say that you're a better person than the others? Who decides that? WMD was the reason why Bush attacked that country even without UN's approval. Thousands of Iraqi died, Hussein already in court, and the WMD never been found.

Whether you believe it or not, history tends to repeat itself. You see it in fashion, and politics. And if America stays this way, it'll goes down. Real soon. China will be the next world power. Why? I don't know. Maybe Greece

Monday, July 05, 2004

Greeks the Champ

1-0 to the Greeks who have been an outsider, and they managed to win the European Cup. Surprise..surprise. It's a true example of how team work could produce impossible results, and beat all star-studded teams. It's more like average Joes vs the Bachelors. I'm keen on the Joes.

Rehhagel comments was, " 'It's amazing what football has managed to do in Greece. It has managed to unite all Greeks all over the world, something that politics are unable to do." I'd agree on that, but I don't think it really happened in my beloved country. Number one, politics is totally out. It's just couldn't happend and I don't know why. Number two, even soccer couldn't unite all Malaysians. Take an example, Trg vs Kltn. No matter what the result is, it always ended up in a fight. Then what??

One more thing. The Greeks said."We're the champions of Europe. We're the best team in Europe." That's right. The New England Patriots and the Marlins said, "We're the WORLD Champions!" That's wrong! Dude, you're playing in a local league among other clubs, not with other countries! How could you have a ring that bears the words 'world champion'? How could it be a World Series?

Talk about egocentric. Tsk.

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