Friday, June 16, 2006

My dream final is Argentina vs Spain

Half Time
Argentina 3-0 Serbia Montenegro

I'm writing this entry with a big smile on my face. The time is 9:53pm Malaysian time (GMT +8:00), taking my break during half-time of Argentina vs Serbia Montenegro game. Read my previous post, am I good or what? :) What more can I say. My two favorite teams are at their best!

First, Spain won big 4-0 against Ukraine. I have a good feeling that Argentina could score a couple more goals in the second half.

Argentina had only a few scoring chances, but they put it well, unlike England. Since when football revolves ONLY around Wayne Rooney?

I have no comment on England vs T&T last night. Tsk tsk tsk..I feel sorry for you England

Ooops, time is up! C yaa!

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