Thursday, August 03, 2006

Toilet Analysis

In my opinion, there are two types of Malaysian, Malaysian toilet user that is.

Whenever we have a public toilet that is FREE, either one of these
behaviour will take place

1. A person who think that since they are using public amenities,
they have to take care of them. Because next person will need to use
it later. They aim properly,
2. Since this is public toilet, they can do whatever they like. Why? Because it's free! They
smoke, write graffiti, piss everywhere. Maybe their johns are too
short to take aim. Or their brain too small to think

Now then, when we have to PAY to use public toilet (range from 20
cents at Sungei Wang Plaza up to RM2.00 at KLCC)
1. They are paying for it, so they use it properly. Simple
2. They claim ownership of the toilet. They pay, they abuse. Why?
Because they pay maa

Looking back at it, the second species always have lose-lose
mentality. You can't win against them no matter what.

Which species are you? Think about it


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malaysian public toilets? my worst malaysian nightmare!