Monday, March 12, 2007

Share with us your 6 weird habits

Responding to nanayau...YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!! kindly share with us your 6 weird habits. read my blog for
my own list of not-so-weird stuff.

  1. I would arrange money in the following order, 50-10-5-1 with Yang Dipertuan Agong's face at the same side
  2. I always buy books, but having hard time to finish reading 'em
  3. When I was a student, sleeping is my hobby. I could sleep 7-8 hours straight but now I always wake up latest by 7am every morning, weekend includes..Sleeping too much gives me headache..Am I getting old?
  4. Hmmm..apa lagi ek
  5. Takde apa dah rasanya
  6. Tu je lah