Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ayu : Thank YOU!

Mangsa keganasan rumahtangga

Terguris hidungku. Oh Ayu! Thanks to her, I got scratched on my nose last night...Big bully :P


M said...

on behalf of ayu : nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh (oh you know how that goes)

swisscobalt said...

cess...tersilap terkasar dgn ibu mengandung inila akibatnya
nani... kirim ubat2an yer :D

dy said...

wow.. takde jerawat. invisible pores. even skintone. u put more than half of us girls to shame. :p

swisscobalt said...

erk..oh well, what more can i say? :D You ladies put too much chemical on your face, it's not even original anymore. I use one soap for every parts of my body. Hey it works! Thanks

nanayau said...

ayu dah beranak!!!!!!!
panic panic!!!

how is she?