Monday, August 07, 2006

Battle of the Airlines

In reality, flying with Airasia is not called upgrade per se. Some people don't mind paying more for better service offered by MAS. If they don't need premium service, opt for Airasia. They choice is up to us (which is good).

I decided to come up with my own version of advertisement :) We consumers deserve to get true picture of service we about to get, alright?

5 reasons why you should flying Airasia
1. You don't mind going to terminal that looks more like a warehouse, with expensive foods
2. You don't mind waiting for delayed flights (this is almost certain)
3. You don't mind walking on the tarmac on the way to your plane (I feel like going to Mecca!) If it's raining, don't worry. They will lend you Airasia umbrella. Remember, it's not a souvenir. Please return it back
4. You don't mind lining up. If you want to get in faster, bring your kids and pregnant wife together.
5.If you're Manchester United fanatics

P/S: Not to worry, both Airasia and MAS have beautiful stewardess.

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