Sunday, June 25, 2006

Stop Calling it Soccer!

Now, this article I found on the net is quite interesting. I can't agree more on his view

by PeteMate

World cup 2006 is now well underway, and I must say that I’m surprised to see such a fine effort from the USA against Italy earlier today. In my humble opinion, the US deserved a win for the spirit they showed, but the heat and the pace all seemed to weigh down on them in the end, and they seemed content to defend and settle for a draw.

Now, the reason I am surprised is that football is a minority sport in the States. I frequently see comments such as ‘soccer is gay’ and so on from an ignorant section of our American friends. It seems that most sports fans in America prefer a game that evolved from the British - largely upper class - game of rugby… and they have decided to strap on loads of padding, change the name of our game and insist that our sport is for girls. This grates a little with those who follow the majority sport in the world, and is another sign that certain (unfortunately vocal) Americans are arrogant… and downright fucking rude.

Let’s not forget Baseball, another evolution from a British game called ‘Rounders’. Rounders is (and has been for a long time) largely a girl’s game in the UK… normally played only by children.

Now, I don’t want to piss all over your favourite pastimes… but enough is enough. Why do you have to be so ignorant of the rest of the world? Does it make you feel proud being so clueless and to act so superior all the time?

Harsh words against the rest of the world from these self-styled ‘patriots’ smack of nothing more than a severe inferiority complex… and extreme stupidity.

In a similarly inflammatory gesture back atchya, I suggest that you change the name of your ‘football’ back to rugby, grow some balls and take off the body armour. Seriously… it’s sooo gay.

The reason we’ve called it a football for the last half-millennia or so is that it’s a sphere that you kick (a foot-ball). Forgive my confusion, but how does Football relate to running around with an oval object under your arm and taking breaks every few minutes?

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