Monday, June 18, 2007

Can you spot four babies?!

can you spot four babies?!
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Image of kitties in Amber's belly

This is the first time I see a x ray result of a cat (eh, I thought pregnant ladies/cat cannot do xray..tak betul ke? )

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Amber is pregnant!

her own dad, Majinbu did her. Amber is the blue one. The white one is the daddy

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

How to disable Internet button in K800i

I have a conspiracy theory (or maybe a good marketing strategy), that the internet button in Sony Ericsson K800i (also true for K610i and more) is located in such a convenient location so that you might accidentally pressed it while the phone is in your pocket.

Plus, data transfer is not cheap. With Maxis, 1kB = 1 cent. That's a lot of cents if you use the internet button everyday.

Here is the trick to save your cents, on how to disable the Internet button. You can change so it will display your cat picture instead.
1. Press Activity menu key. Go to Internet tab --> select Bookmarks
2. Create new bookmark. In address, put this : file:///card/image/cat.jpg or whatever picture you want to put it. OR file:///card/ .I did the latter, as it will go nowhere. Just a white spash screen and back to standy
3. Save --> Set as homepage
4. Done!

Note (thanks to altemyr of forum)
To access the file picture.gif in the Pictures folder on the memory stick, the address is:


Oth, if the file is located in the phone memory, the address is:


Notice the non-plural form of the folder names (image/picture)