Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ayu : Kenangan Bersama Bubu

Thanks to Majinbu Mom for this memorable picture. Looks like they share common interest, these fat cats

They've been separated close to one month now, since 25 June. If it's true that Ayu is pregnant, then she would have her babies in late August (I understand pregnancy period for cats is around 60+ days)

The signs are there. Her 8 tits are getting pinkish (yes, I count each and everyone of them just to make sure) and she would refuse to let me rub his belly. And she eats more, sleeps more. Any of you know how to deal with this?

Eh, and that makes me a grandfather? Damn I'm old


nanayau said...

wahh.. x sabar nak tgk muka anak ayu & bubu!!!!
hana ckp nanti berbelang2, separuh ayu separuh bubu.. camne tuh?!

nanti kita buaut baby shower ke, atau majlis bercukur.. ?! hehe

Lina A said...

yuhu...comel e cat cat.