Thursday, November 16, 2006

Marking Activity

This fella has marked my bed as his place. Every time I wash the blanket and comforter, he would come up and spray my bed. His name is Jasper and he thinks it's his bed...:P

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Missing Amber

Yesterday was the day when Amber moving in with new family (with her father, Majinbu) Although Ayu doesn't seems to bother much, it is me who will miss her. After all, she's the most 'manja' among the 3 ewoks.


But Ayu really thin now, I'm really worried. She doesn't eat much, tsk..

Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh Kelantanku!

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Went back to my hometown, Kota Bharu for the 'Eid holiday. It's been a while since I met my cousins, nephews, not to mention my beloved mother.

In the newspaper I read the other day, interestingly enough to say that about 500,000 cars going back to Kelantan during festive holiday. And that really contributes to the bottlenecks along the main road (including the one directly in front of my house, stretching to 3-4km of queues)

I think Kelantan really needs highway. If current state government doesn't want to build it, I'd say we go for Barisan for the next election. Once the highway is there, vote for PAS again :)

Enough with my stupid politic reasoning, move on to main topic..

Regular understanding (or misunderstanding) from my non-Kelantan friends is that Kelantanese are very close when we meet other Kelantanese, up until they even abandon their non-Kelantan friend. So, the non-Kelantan feel being left out because they cannot speak, let alone to understand this language..right??

I do have bitter experience with people of my own (Kelantanese that is), that appear more prominent during this time of year. Pardon me if I'm wrong, but these are from my observation.

1) The drivers and their cars
You know Kelantan drivers from the way we drive and on the looks of their car. Proton engineers spend years to design cars, yet we resolved to put on big-ass spoiler that meant to be for rocket on their cars, changed into 17" inch tires, installed a supermarket-grade sub woofer speaker inside, and fill up RM5 worth of petrol. Then we ask, "Why is my car eat so much petrol aa??"

Next time you're on road, watch out for Kelantan plate or any vehicles that have Kelantan logo on it. It's so common, and strangely enough, I rarely see other states' logo. We must be really proud of our state. And that is a good thing...I guess..

(I have a friend that bring Kelantan flag instead of Malaysia flag to the USA. When Mat Salleh asked where he is from, you can guess his answer)

When we're on road, we rarely give way. We even speed up when seeing cars on junction so other drivers never pass. We also like to 'mencarut'. Babi is the commonly used word, among others.

Nevertheless, some unique values are precious enough that warrants some respect, which all of us should appreciate.

1) No Chinese in other states would wear kain sarong, and speaks state dialect. It totally blows me away. Very cool

2) Kelantan ladies wear more gold than any other. And I'm talking about solid gold. I knew it because my mom have several, and God, it's so heavy!

Selamat Hari Raya