Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sepet makes me Gubra

It's very rare for me to buy an original VCD here in Malaysia. Can't remember when the last time I bought an ori one. Tsk...

"Sepet" is becoming one of my original VCD collection. When my fellow buds suggested me to watch Sepet in cinema, I was quite skeptical about it. After all, most Malay movies are the same. They are so predictable. Boring storyline. Why should I waste a good 10 ringgit for a slapstic movie?

So, when I came across an article about the coming movie "Gubra" that's well received by Singaporeans critics, it amuses me. Something interesting is going on with this movie.

I ended up buying "Sepet". It's an interesting movie indeed. The issues presented was very real, which not many filmmakers dare to bare. It's a love story, yes. But not a regular one. The dialogues are unique. I guess there were no 'dubbing' process involved also because some of the actors' voices are not that clear (the scene when Harith Iskandar told Orked that Jason is not suitable for her. In the car)

Some of the camera shots are familiar though. They look like Petronas tv ad. Oh, it's Yasmin Ahmad film. No wonder.

When la Prof Madya Abdul Razak Mohaideen wants to make this kind of film?

Can't wait to watch "Gubra"

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