Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm fueled by anger

1 US barrel = 159 liter
current oil price USD 130/barrel or USD 130/159 liter

equals to USD 0.818/liter or RM 2.62/liter

We pay RM2.70/liter. Eh, biar betul?

and they said they're still giving out 30 cents per liter discount from market price..Other neighboring countries pay higher price than us, and we agree...(Oo..betul la tu, our gomen is caring)

But, compare that to the price of cars in Thailand.

For example, the most expensive line (1.5S Limited) of Toyota Vios is 699k baht = RM 68, 374
ours? RM 88,100 for the same line

We're struggling to pay off 9 years loan, being the first year or more just to pay off the interest. Plus ever increasing tolls which don't necessarily mean that you get smooth journey (think of LDP tolls, you pay RM1.60 whether it's jam or not)

I'm not done yet. We compare with Singapore pulak. They pay RM5.20/liter. But they have a choice to use public transport, efficient public transport. On top of that, how much they earn?

We're not paying the market price of cars like Thais do..and we don't have efficient public transport to depend on like Singaporeans do.

I feel both of my hands being tied, and blindfolded, and forced to say, "It's okay, we're good. We're going to change our lifestyle."

When they increased the petrol from RM1.62 to RM1.92 few years back, the savings was said to be used to improved public transportations system. I didn't see that.

When they ban Thais from filling up at country borders, the excuse was so that the subsidy could be enjoyed only to Malaysians. Merely 2 days later, the ban is off so much so that the ban to Singaporeans didn't even take place! So much for long term plan...

To our government, please provides us with choice

excel file on how much extra you spend on petrol based on new price

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Exhaust buluh


"Nak kasi tak bunyi pon boleh! Ha ni longgarkan sikit, ni apa ketat-ketat sangat tak boleh. Wayar berserabut banyak sedara tak boleh ini macam. Ini mesti ambik dua-dua kasi jadi satu sotkan dekat body ya, baru datang api jadi itu plag boleh hidup"

"Ooo dia pakai ekzos besi rupanya patutla bunyi pong pong kuat sangat. Apa tak gantikan dengan ekzos buluh?"