Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Layout for 2009

 Jasper, 2.5 years old
A bit too late to wish for new year. Nevertheless, Happy New Year 2009! Not sure how often this blog get updated. Been thinking of changing this to photoblog instead. Some say, picture worth a thousand words

Monday, January 12, 2009

How to bridge DSL-520B with WRT-54GC

Most IT shops don't sell modem anymore. After my free TM modem Riger DB102 went kaput, I went to buy just that. But, most modem now comes with router function. But since I already have Linksys wireless router WRT54GC, something has to be done to disable router function of my new D-Link DSL-520B. I thought I might share this with anyone who might have same problem. Different brands might have different solution, but at least I got mine :) These are the screenshots and some brief description

1. Reset both the modem router and wireless router
2. Connect ONLY modem router to your PC. Set it up so that you can connect to the internet
3. Login to the admin page Default username/password is : admin/admin

4. On the left hand side panel, go to Advanced Setup > WAN > Add

 5. Leave the defaults of PORT, VPI, VCO as 0, 0, 35 respectively. Service Category, choose UBR without PCR

6.  Connection type : Bridging
     Encapsulation Mode : LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING

7. Leave to default. Click next

8. Summary of setup. Click next

9. Click Save/Reboot
10. Connect Linksys wireless router. The settings we did just now are to disable the router functions in the modem router. Now it only function as modem. All the routing work is done by the wireless router
11.That's it! Hope it works for you