Monday, December 17, 2007

Translated : Hidu Taik Ayam Boleh Mengkhayalkan

‘High on chicken droppings’ claim not to be sniffed at

KUCHING: Can a person get high by sniffing chicken droppings? National Anti-Drug Agency Sarawak director Jasni Jubli intends to find out.

He will investigate a claim by federal Rural and Regional Development Deputy Minister Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe last month that some students in the state were sniffing chicken droppings to get high if they could not obtain glue.

“This is news to me but we will try to seek an answer and, if proven to be true, we will take preventive measures,” he said here yesterday.

Jasni said there was no legal provision to ban the sniffing of chicken droppings, just like in the case of glue. – Bernama


It were in the news in the yesteryears that sniffing cow shit could get you high, and yes it was true! Not that I tried it myself, but it happened in kampung-kampung (my kampung included). Maybe we're short of cows supply since korban is coming up, so the maybe drug-addicts resulted to sniffing chicken shit to get high..WTF..What is happening to my country?

This habit might not prevalent in big cities since we're not allowed to breed chicken and cows in our yards, but it proves that we Malaysians are creative in our own ways to get high..

Not good for tourism I guess. Those tourists staying in exchange programs in our kampungs may scared the shit out of us watching young kids congregating and bending around cow and chicken shit...