Monday, July 05, 2004

Greeks the Champ

1-0 to the Greeks who have been an outsider, and they managed to win the European Cup. Surprise..surprise. It's a true example of how team work could produce impossible results, and beat all star-studded teams. It's more like average Joes vs the Bachelors. I'm keen on the Joes.

Rehhagel comments was, " 'It's amazing what football has managed to do in Greece. It has managed to unite all Greeks all over the world, something that politics are unable to do." I'd agree on that, but I don't think it really happened in my beloved country. Number one, politics is totally out. It's just couldn't happend and I don't know why. Number two, even soccer couldn't unite all Malaysians. Take an example, Trg vs Kltn. No matter what the result is, it always ended up in a fight. Then what??

One more thing. The Greeks said."We're the champions of Europe. We're the best team in Europe." That's right. The New England Patriots and the Marlins said, "We're the WORLD Champions!" That's wrong! Dude, you're playing in a local league among other clubs, not with other countries! How could you have a ring that bears the words 'world champion'? How could it be a World Series?

Talk about egocentric. Tsk.

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