Wednesday, July 14, 2004

My Dream

Patrol Car
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I had a weird dream last night. Well, I have many weird dreams but this one is certainly worth writing.

I went to Chicago with my friends which I don't know them. 3 guys, 1 girl. We walked on the roadside there any one of us suggested that we could try something fun, something we never did before. So yeah, we listen to him. His idea was to take a police patrol car that was parked on the roadside. Most police cars here are left unattended unlocked. Some even had the engine turned on.

It was night. So we took the car and drove away, nowhere. I was the driver and 3 of us sitting on the front seat and 1 on the back. We could hear the other police sirens wailing from the distant chasing us. I pushed the gas pedal as hard as I could. I knew that this Ford Crown Victoria car was modified by the forces. But handling the fast and smooth car by myself was so cool.

Things get better after an hour or so. No police cars were seen in rear mirror anymore. But in front of us there was a roadblock! We just prayed and prayed not to get busted. Then there was a lady officer looking at us. She waved her hands and smiled on us! we past that roadblock safely.

After a while driving, I realized that we already arrived somewhere in Kedah. Padang Besar I think. How did it happened, I have no idea. So don't ask! But again, there was a traffic jam on the road. We could see there was a car accident or something. So our car moved slowly. Then someone walked past by us on the road. It was a police officer! S**t!!!!

He saw us said hello and everything. The usual stuff they said when you got arrested. But then he asked us for some money. $20 or so. I knew it wasn't a bribe because he was bleeding and all and he was so thirsty and needed some money for a drink. And he went away...

For the second time, we get past the police.

We continued our journey and on a turn, there was a blind spot I didn't see and I hit a cow or something. But it was a big animal for sure. Our car spun (spinned? heh) on the road. People came to rescue us and among them were our parents. Can you imagine how their face looked like? Something like this -> And this -> Our parents came picked us on our ears and put us away. The End

Imagine what dreams can do for you. It could bring us any place we never been before.

Cheers! It's a good day today

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