Saturday, July 17, 2004

Maxwell Day

Maxwell Day
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It supposed to be a great day, although it looks like not many people come to State Street this year. Everything was sunny and nice, strolled along downtown, looking for cheap stuff. Got myself 2 DVDs, The Italian Job and The Last Samurai for 20 bucks.

When Gavin and I crossed the street on Fontana Sports, people start looking up the sky as if something big was going to happen. Indeed... Store owners were panicked, people were running away. It was like one of the scene from 'The Day After Tomorrow'

The black clouds coming from the East, and we were trapped right in the middle of State Street. We turned back to Library Mall and the roadwalk sale was almost over. The threat was imminent.

10 minutes after that, the downpour. Took a bus and walked home. Stranded Americans were staring at us walking in the rain. Who's being weird now?

Boy, that was awesome!!!

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