Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Nuclear & Politics

Category : Politics

Yo Bush, do you know that Israel might have nuclear weapons. They have stockpiles of more than 100 bombs. Whatever happened to WMD policies you pressed on Iraq then? Holy s**t, why do you need 100 bombs in such a small country that not even yours?

It's a paradox when Blair said that WMD may NEVER be found in Iraq. But he insisted that Hussein still posed a threat to the wider world. Very funny, last time I checked Hussein was in an armored bus with several dozens of guards around him heading to court. Yes, Hussein is a cruel guy. But who are you (whoever you are) to say that you're a better person than the others? Who decides that? WMD was the reason why Bush attacked that country even without UN's approval. Thousands of Iraqi died, Hussein already in court, and the WMD never been found.

Whether you believe it or not, history tends to repeat itself. You see it in fashion, and politics. And if America stays this way, it'll goes down. Real soon. China will be the next world power. Why? I don't know. Maybe Greece

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