Friday, October 05, 2007

The Danger of Sisters In Islam

Whenever SIS speak, more often it become public outrage among Muslim in Malaysia. I wonder why certain Muslim (women and men included) still support this movement. If the leader herself do not have Islamic educational background, who is she to undermine Mufti's statement?

Isn't it bizzare that SIS were so angry with Mufti Perak when the latter mentioned about a quarter of million Malaysian Muslim denounce Islam? Shouldn't they be angry to those apostates?

Remember Amina Wadud, the women who lead MIXED Friday prayer in the USA? She is a prominent figure in SIS, thus it's not a surprise to see her actions are 'in-line' with SIS objective. What are they? These people want to have progressive Islam, the one that recognize women's right and role as equal citizens and partners in all matters, and that promotes the principles of equality, justice, dignity and democracy in Islam.

So they want to have all these. They already had female imam in friday prayer. What's next, female kadi? Wife can have 4 husbands? Can you imagine how messed up it could be to determine who the father is? While there are people still support this group, especially among young intellectuals, I would think they've grown up too fast. That's the problem, they grown up too fast they think they're smart enough. Life values and principal can't be learn in school kids, you'll learn it as you grow older.

Now, Islam has been perfected during Prophet Muhammad's time. It is an insult to Islam to suggest that Islam is not yet progressive since 1428 years ago and need to be revised to make it relevant in modern world.

Relate this to current world that we live in. Think of latest tragedy involving the murder and sexual assaults of the female children. Ask yourself, deep in your heart. If this beast is caught, what would you do? Most probably you want to do the same thing to this beast, beat him up, starve him and shove the brinjal and cucumber up in his ass, just like what he did to the girl right? That is the most justified punishment, you will agree. No matter what is your political belief.

That is my friend, already in the Quran. It's called Hudud. Oh, now you thinking of PAS eh? No no no, it's cruel. Cannot be done in this multi-racial country. Impossible. Non-muslims will not agree. See, the colonials already succeeded in planting this correlation in our brain. USA emphasized it even more with great support from certain people in our country. Islam = terrorist = cruel. It's good that we have Iran now...

Islam promotes preventive punishment. The punishment should be done in public, if possible telecast it live all over the world. When you see a rapist cum child killer being punished in public, all the potential rapist will think a million times before he/she wants to commit the crime. The same goes for bribe-takers, thieves, etc. Again, it is bizarre to see that most people who object the Islamic ruling is Muslim themselves...unless

My comment does not reflect my political belief as some UMNO members are more religious and honest than PAS members. There are PAS members who always went to ceramahs but do not even pray!


Anonymous said...

If Sisters in Islam is so dangerous, why is the Malaysian government of Islam Hadhari fame allowed them to remain active ? Why not ban them as done to Al Arqam ?

swisscobalt said...

Possibly it's because some of key members in SIS are well connected with higher authority. SIS promotes liberalism which is quite the opposite of Al-Arqam