Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nuri crashed...why? how?

Condolences to our soldiers' families for the tragedy.

I'm wondering:
1. Utusan quote "siasatan awal TUDM, nahas udara terbaru Nuri itu berpunca daripada faktor cuaca buruk"
- so, are those Sikorsky Nuri too 'cikai', they can only be used in bright and clear conditions only?
-Nuris were bought in 1968 and were used in Vietnam War by American soldiers..and we Malaysian Army still using in in 2007.

2. It took 5 days for the rescue team to found the bodies
- if the crash location that was near a highway took 5 days to be found, how long it takes if some other crash (god forbid) occured on remote place?
-is it possible that the victims were still alive when the chopper crashed?

3. Utusan quote DPM as saying "TUDM tidak boleh menghentikan terus penggunaan Nuri kerana ia adalah satu-satunya helikopter yang ada"
- if that so, we are so doomed. Our country defense system relied only on old Nuri for air transportation. What is going to happen if some large scale catastrophe hit our country (invasion by Singapore maybe?)

4. If our leader can have BlackHawk, Agusta, SuperPuma, why give our soldiers been given 'cikai' punya chopper?

5. Good news is, the Defense Ministry is going to replace them with newer chopper. Will take 2-3 years. In the meantime, we just wait and see how many crashes are going to come. Lets hope nobody will be bombed during the negotiation period...

p/s: I feel so yesterday when I watched "FUTURE WEAPONS" on National Geographic Channel...

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