Monday, September 05, 2005

A Memory: White Lake Field Trip

Honnie and Gary
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It was the best field trip ever with nice professor, a cool TA, and crazy friends!

We went to a remote place somewhere in Ontario, Canada for a week to study its geology over the areas. The place was on the East of Sault St Marie..I think. It was late April of 2004, yet the place we went was still cold and snowy.

The first day was started with a rainy day, a perfect time to go hiking and doing some mapping :P The rocks were so damn slippery (read: they're already covered with moss) Our map was already wet 10 minutes after we started. There was no point writing on it, it was completely torn away. So we just followed our instructor trying to understand like a million rock formations on the areas. Some are still in my head; maybe I’m going to remember this for the rest of my life. Missisagi and Bar River Formation. Lol!

For the next 4 days, we started our days at 7am and finished around 5pm. Some groups that were lost had to spent their night on the field..Just kidding! They came back of course. We only supplied with topo maps, aerial photos, ruler, and our trusted Brunton compass. Isn’t it cool? No it’s not. I think it’s crazy. We spent 8 hours during the day, everyday, hiking and making traverse and spent the night transferring all the strikes and dips onto a blank map.

I think everyone broke tears (really!) and sweat doing this kind of work. Some experienced pretty nice blisters, some fell into a chest deep swamp and some were lost for more than 2 hours on the mountains! In the end, we really learned to work in groups and experienced a true life of geologists

Thank you Gary and Honnie. They such a great host!

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