Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sufiah Yusof : Conspiracy Theory

updated 10 April 2008

Jangan perbesar kisah Sufiah - Mufti (Utusan Malaysia)

As the news about Sufiah Yusof (aka Shilpa Lee) unfold on the internet regarding her downfall from math prodigy who entered Oxford at the age of 13 to an escort valued at 130 GBP per hour (maybe she chose her own rate 130 to match her historic age at 13? Maybe not...)

She came from a Muslim family with both her parents and siblings are all brainy lots. It’s a rare occasion where genius Muslim family being elevated to media spotlight in the Western world. So when something like this happens, ‘they’ (whoever you want to refer at) started to get scared. What if someday this family produces more Muslim geniuses?

To stop this phenomenon from happening, they plan something to disgrace this fella, and her whole family. Also, to know that prostitution is one of the worst jobs known to mankind, they took this opportunity to offer this innocent girl money...and sex...

She was working as an administrative assistant earning £16,000 (RM102,400) a year in Manchester when, about four months ago in a bar, she was asked by an “immaculate lady in a designer suit” to become an escort.

She herself admits that she has regular clients attending to her needs; maybe all these regulars are part of the plot to take her further down the hole? (no pun intended).

And who is that 'immaculate lady in a designer suit'? Why of all other girls in the bar, she was picked? Did she had 'pick me! pick me! written all over her forehead?

As for me, her story has more than meets the eye.

That’s what they do to Lady Diana when she was about to marry a Muslim dude….(also one of the conspiracy theory)

I’m still working out on other possibilities, as my story isn’t yet complete…I've been watching too many Hollywood movies lately...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, instead of selling her body to make a living, why don't she learn how to play stock market?

But, as Austin Powers always said, why earn billion when you can make million?