Friday, May 25, 2007


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I admired KJ's intelligence, but somehow I think he wants to be on top too fast. It happened to a lot of peope, if you going up too fast, you're going down hard.

Read this news, dated May 25, 2007 from Utusan. Does he has a portfolio in Ministry of Youth and Sports? Come on-lah, even Man Utd don't have the gut to play without AFC approval. The news in Utusan, sounds like a threat from KJ to AFC.Wow...

To think about this, the Asian Cup must've been planned in detail years before. So, It's a clash of schedule, right? Means that, the organizer of the MU tour did not collaborate with Malaysia Government/Ministry of Youth and Sports/FAM. Conclusion, the MU tour was planned later than Asian Cup.

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